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Car body shop repairing works: spot welding with "L" and "C" gun; single sided and twin spot welding; welding of nails and washers for sheet straightening (spotter function); localised heating with carbon electrode; screws and rivets welding, sheet-metals spotting.

By means of the inverter technology that allows a constant and high welding current, not influenced by the variation of the supply voltages and by the secondary circuit conditions, the quality of the spot is improved also on galvanized sheets. The high current value allows to reduce welding time resulting in a longer electrodes life. The reduced absorption balanced on the three phases reduces the connecting and consumption costs.

Analog welding control unit with potentiometer, with two independent programs, welding time adjustment in cycles, pulses, welding current adjustment and compensation function.
Allow simultaneous connection of two tools with automatic recall of the relevant memorized welding program, enabling to save time, avoid errors so to have a simple and safe working process.

The welding station is supplied equipped with:

  • pair of water-cooled cables L= 2400 mm, 150 mm
  • Adjustable height trolley with tray and arms holder
  • Pair of water-cooled arms diameter 22 mm, L=152 mm
  • Water cooling electric group 2LP
  • Compressed air filter-regulator group
  • Suspension arm.
ITEM 3650
Number of programs 2
Mains voltage/frequency* 400V 50Hz
Inverter frequency Hz 1000
Phases nr. 3
Nominal power at 50% kVA 25
Short circuit secondary current kA 9
Welding current on steel 1+1 kA 9
Secondary current at 100% kA 1.25
No load secondary voltage V 14
Delayed fuses A 35
Mains cables section L=15m mm2 10 x 4
Thermal class F
Protection degree IP21
Max. compressed air pressure bar 8
Net weight kg 120
Gross weight kg 135
Package dimensions cm 59x68x114

* Different voltages and frequencies on request